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Memorial plaque


A memorial plaque for Erich Schmid and his family was placed on the painter's former residential building in Webgasse 28 in Vienna's 6th district. On the occasion of this recognition, a booklet about the artist was published and in an episode of the podcast series "Widderhoeren" Arno Löffler speaks with Irmtraut Karlsson from the association "Steine der Erinnerung an die Opfer des NS-Regimes in der Josefstadt". 

Link to the podcast "Erich Schmid - Irmtraut Karlsson im Gespräch"



Erich Schmid belongs to the great unrecognized Austrian exiled artists. Because of his escape from the Nazis in 1938 his work is mostly forgotten – a fate many emigrated Jewish artist-colleagues met. Until today his paintings appear rarely in exhibitions or on the art market, a fact that stands in marked contrast to the quality of his oeuvre. More than other local painters Schmid seeked the artistic analysis of the urban cityscape, in which he found a projection surface for expressive mental states. Artistic analogies and even friendships with great artists such as Kokoschka and Kubin make him even more outstanding.


Widder Fine Arts has been dealing with Erich Schmid for years and enlarges its collection of Schmid-works permanently. Should you be interested in purchasing a painting, please contact us by phone (0043 - 1 - 512 45 69 or 0043 - 676 - 629 81 21) or e-mail (office@kunsthandelwidder.com). We also gladly welcome you to a personal consultation in our gallery in Vienna.

If you possess a Schmid-painting and want to sell it, we are looking forward to your phone call or e-mail including a photo and a description.

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